Water, Me & You

“Water, Me & You” is an exclusive co-op adventure 3D puzzle platformer set in a cozy- post-apocalyptic world, where you play as a water droplet and seed-like creature that can change states on a journey to rejuvenate their world.

The story is set in the year 2123. 

In a world devoured by pollution, long after humans went extinct and it seemed like all hope was lost, Nature’s battle was far from over. 

In an old vacant outdoor mall a civilization of Seedlings (Seed-like creatures) was fighting to survive. Left without any fresh water they could do only one thing. Seedlings from all across the mall gather at the place of their shared foremother, the All Tree, in a desperate attempt to summon rain that would rejuvenate the All tree and save their civilization. At that moment the clouds covered the sky and only one water droplet was created. One drop to save them all. The drop was meant to fall on the All tree, but destiny had other plans. It missed and went into the sewers. One brave Seedling (Sprout) jumped into the void chasing after the droplet. In the depths of sewers, surrounded by darkness, Sprout saw a glowing silhouette of the droplet approaching him. He reached out his hand towards the droplet and at that very moment an unbreakable bond was formed between them. Here their adventure begins. On the path to save the Seedling civilizations, they will have to fight the creatures corrupted by pollution and revitalise their world.