About Shosha Games

We are Shosha Games. A small indie studio that makes big adventures!

Story Time

The studio was founded in early 2022, but our story begins long before that.

We grew up together creating our own worlds, making movies, card games, music, and immersing ourselves in the world of video games, which had only begun expanding when we were growing up.

Very quickly we realised that games were the ultimate medium where we could combine all of our passions and do what we felt we needed to do – Create experiences that would inspire change.


  • Creative vision
  • Diversity
  • Quality and Innovation
  • Original IPs

Our team, though small, covers the entire production pipeline. We are actively exploring and embracing new technologies that would further improve our development. Fostering a collaborative and diverse work environment  is also essential for nurturing creativity and innovation within our studio.


  • Lead Unreal Engine workshops in collaboration with 3Lateral and Epic Games.
  • Showcases on international conferences (Reboot Develop, Digital Dragons, etc.)¬†
  • Serbian Games Association members
  • Best Game Design award at Games.con Belgrade