Meet the people that made the magic possible

Nikola Šoškić

Team Lead/Game Designer

Kid that grew up playing video games, has the luck to be making them now.

Fav Games:

Super Mario, Rocket League, Dota

Anastasija Redžić


Likes to play “marimba”, no one from the team knows what that even is.

Fav Games:

God Of War, Assassin’s Creed, Sims

Rastko Novković

UIUx Artist/Concept Artist

Likes beer, skateboarding and fighting games.
Swipe right.

Fav Games:

Halo, Street Fighter, Destiny 2

Aleksa Jeremić

Producer/SFX Designer

Likes to meditate and has chronic back pain problems.
The most OK guy.

Fav Games:

Fifa, Witcher, God Of War

Aleksa Janković

3D Artist/VFX Artist

Keyboard smasher, the destroyer of gaming gear, the headshot giver, they call him Aleksa.

Fav Games:

Rocket League, CSGO, Valheim

Nikola Praskić

3d Artist/Narrative  Designer

3D artist with a love for games, books, animals, and nature.
Wanna be Groot voice actor.

Fav Games:

WoW, LoL, Read Dead Redemption 2

Jana Popović

2D Artist

Probably can out bench you.
Likes wine and drawing stuff.
Swipe right.

Fav Games:

Yakuza, Hades, Tomb Raider